Welcome to the Diocese of Matabeleland in the South of Zimbabwe and contains within it the famous Victoria Falls, Hwange National park and Matobos Game Park just outside its main city of Bulawayo

The Bishop of Matabeleland, Cleophas Lunga, was consecrated In March 2009 and enthroned in St.John the Baptist Cathedral.

The UK Link is Kingston Episcopal Area, Southwark Diocese

The Diocese continues to support ordinands in their tuition, living, support for families etc.

Permanent self help finances are being put into place through the planting of news farms and vegetable gardens, but the problem is sourcing water and the means to obtain it. Funds are required to set up infrastructures, wells or boreholes, pumps etc.
The Diocese has set on a massive project to identify and fence every parish property in the diocese. They have started with the oldest parishes and seek to do the whole lot but it is very expensive but worthwhile as the parishioners then take ownership seriously and feel they can support 'their church'

Small altar linens are sold through Matabeleland Church Linens to support the work of the Mothers Union in Matabeleland. If interested contact matabelandlinens@gmail.com
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